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Tips For Tennis in Winter

By Rajan M

With the advent of winter, there has to be certain precautions that a player has to take in order to keep his game unaffected by the external factors. Temperature would fall below the desired and optimal degree Celsius, but should that affect your game in any kind of way? The answer to the question should be no.

The winter could be the scary season for the players who have been established in the warmer zones of the world, but it should not be scary enough to stop you from playing your game in the way it should be played.

Winter could be so harsh, that the breeze would hamper your movements, could render harshness to your eyes making them dry and damp which would in turn make you loose your focus. It would make your skin dry leading to splits at the finger tips and it could get as ugly as bleeding from finger tips which would leave you in dilemma. There are certain events in the year, which the players cannot miss and such events could be in the places, which are frozen up in winter. There you have to stay in right shape play right.

You can start off by keeping your grip warm. Wearing a glove would keep your wrist warm and give you a fine grip. Ensure that the glove is very tight in the fit and still is stretching in nature so that your fingers don't have a restricted feeling. Gloves are solution to two major problems, one is coldness outside and the other would be preventing from having blistered arms. But this is not enough. The next easy thing that you can do is, take a sock, bore a hole in it that is of the size of the racquet handle and wear the sock on your hand. This would help keep your hands warm in extremes and is advised that you should do it only when it is extremely cold. Socks on hands are better if their usage is restricted to practices. Always keep pocket warmers and use racquet strings that would help ease the tension.

Decide on the apparel that would justify your game in the winters. Correct socks, pants, long sleeved t-shirts, warm vests and leg warmers are must. Keep these clothes in excess in case there is any emergency, because winters are the seasons one cannot rely upon.

Using tennis ball machines for your practice could also be a good thing to do before the matches. Warm up properly before any match regardless of the climatic conditions. Have warm drinks that would keep you afloat for the rest of the match. Nobody likes the play in winters but when you have no other option then it is better to just deal with it.

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