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Medicinal Herbs For Skin Care - Ancient Remedies For Modern Problems

By Therese Higgins

Have you ever noticed that the more modern our society becomes, the more we look back to the wisdom of earlier times to find answers to our problems? Skin care is a perfect example. This trend toward looking back to ancient remedies can be seen in the rising demand for herbal skin care products. It is becoming less and less acceptable to use facials and creams made from synthetic chemicals. Consumers want to treat their problem skin in the healthiest, most natural way possible.

It only stands to reason that using medicinal herbs for skin would be an excellent method for repairing the skin and maintaining its beauty. Ancient knowledge of the healing properties of herbs meant using them in medicines to treat illnesses. Also, herbs have always been used in cooking to make food more healthful. Using herbal skin care products means, in essence, feeding your skin to make it healthy. Remedies that are truly healing treat the skin from the inside out.

Cleansing the face in ancient times involved the use of herbs and natural substances to clean, moisturize and protect the skin. Gentle exfoliation was achieved by combining natural substances like corn meal, dried lavender and rose petals to slough off dead skin while leaving the face soft, smooth and smelling nice.

Today, you can find herbal skin care products that cleanse and exfoliate the skin with natural, active ingredients like Kaolin, an extract from a special New Zealand clay, which absorbs oil and gently pulls out grime from your skin. Boosting the cleansing effects comes from adding Bentone Gel, another special type of clay, that's mixed with emollients. Fragrances are omitted since they are usually created with potentially harmful chemicals.

Natural moisturizers, like jojoba oil, used for centuries by native Americans, along with avocado and macadamia nut oil, soften and protect with natural properties that don't irritate or inflame the skin.

Facial masks aren't anything new, either. Our female ancestors made healing masks from oat meal, egg white and honey. Following that natural prescription, modern, herbal-based masks include healing ingredients like Manuka Honey, made from the manuka bush, and Allantoin, a natural compound found in some herbs, that helps soothe and reduce inflammation.

Medicinal herbs for skin have been around for thousands of years. In our modern times, it's fortunate that you can take advantage of these ancient remedies through the convenience of []herbal skin care products. Unlike your ancestors, who gathered herbs and formulated their own facial treatments, nowadays all you have to do is read a label to ensure that the product you're buying contains the natural, healing substances that have stood the test of time.

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