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Schwinn Airdyne - After Thirty Years It's Still the Best Stationary Exercise Bike

By Robin O’Brien

If there is a stationary bike that represents the pinnacle of this type of fitness equipment it is the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike. Since its entry onto the marketplace over a generation ago, the Schwinn Airdyne claimed a top spot that has yet to be relinquished to any other competitor. In short, even after thirty years of heady competition from other brands, this brand still is considered the best stationary bike around.

There are a number of reasons why the Airdyne continues to be so highly rated. First and foremost when it comes to the different stationary bike options that a person can select from today, this bike maintains the most solid track record for effectiveness. In other words, those men and women, who have used it as part of their overall fitness programs, see obvious results.

Naturally, the whole objective of any exercise or fitness program is to be able to achieve essential goals and milestones. Time and time again, these objectives more readily are achieved through the use of a Schwinn Airdyne that occurs with competitive brands.

Another reason why the Airdyne has been and continues to be highly regarded rests in the fact that it is one of the most affordable pieces of fitness equipment on the market. Most people interested in undertaking a meaningful exercise program simply do not have unlimited funds when it comes to purchasing necessary equipment. As a result, innumerable people through the years have turned to this brand not only because of its effectiveness and reliability but also because it remains one of the most affordable options available anywhere.

Perhaps the only real drawback to the Airdyne rests in the fact that it really is a piece of equipment that is focused on aerobic exercise. There are other fitness products that have a more direct focus on strength training and muscle enhancement. However, with that noted, this stationary bike brand - when utilized regularly - does provide a user with strength training and development opportunities as well.

A newer variation on the theme is the Schwinn Airdyne Evolution. Although more expensive than the original model, it does provide what more experts agree is a more full body workout. In short, with the Evolution a person really has the ability to exercise his or her body more completely through this single piece of exercise equipment.

Follow the links for the Schwinn Airdyne and read more on why it's the best exercise bike. You can also read more reviews on leading makes like ProForm, Stamina and Weslo exercise bike.

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