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An Explosive Sex Position You May Have Overlooked!

By Stephanie Buehler, Psy.D.

Are you ready to discover one of the hottest sex positions you and your partner can try? You may be surprised by what you learn!

Can you guess what it is? It often gets made fun of, seems like something Puritans would do, is thought of as boring, and has a terrible name.

That's right, it's the missionary position.

So how could the missionary position possibly be called "explosive"? Doesn't this way of making love position a woman below a man, or make it more difficult for her to have an orgasm? For him, doesn't it require Herculean strength to hold himself up?

Not necessarily. For one thing, some women like this position because their body is out of view. Face it, if you are a woman on top, you have to feel pretty good about your stretch marks, little pot, and other physical quirks. If you're on the bottom, all you have to do is hope your hair looks okay splayed out on the pillow and pucker up your luscious lips.

If you think it's kind of boring down there, then make some adjustments. Tuck a pillow or two under the woman's hips so that there is deeper penetration. Or the woman can try changing the position of her legs, either stretching them out to create more muscle tension (which can aid orgasm) or folding her knees toward her chest and resting her calves on her partner's back.

Another technique that can help the missionary position to feel ever so much better is for the woman to exercise her Kegel muscles. In doing so, a woman can pull up and then bear down on her partner's penis, massaging both her own and her partner's genitals in a sky rocketing way.

A man can add more excitement by running his hands over his partner, kissing and licking her neck, and saying hot things in her ear. He can add to a sense of domination by lightly pinning down his partner's wrists to the bed.

If he gets tired, he can try changing things a little bit, too. He can lie down on top of the woman and move up a few inches on her body than he might normally do. His penis should be just inside the woman's vagina in this position. As he and the woman rock back and forth, his penis should make good contact with her clitoris, a position that can help some women experience their first vaginal orgasm.

One last thing that's great about the missionary position: When you've climaxed, you're pretty much right in place for loving after play. Whoever thought that a position with such a ridiculous name could be so explosively hot?

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