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Masturbation Health Benefits For Women

By Kat Williams

Very few women are taught how to masturbate; most of us learn on our own. But what we are taught, from the earliest of age, is that there is something wrong with touching ourselves. We are taught that masturbating is dirty and we are bad girls if we do it. Later on we learn that masturbation is something you do when you can't get a man or something you do when your man can't satisfy you. Ladies, not only is this attitude wrong, but it is hurtful too.

Masturbation has many benefits. For one, masturbation is the best way to learn how to have orgasms with your partner. An orgasm is an intense, prolonged muscle spasm in the sexual organs. Like anything else, it gets better with practice.

Making yourself orgasm on a regular basis has positive effects on your physical and mental health. As you may probably know already, orgasms can feel really good. They relieve muscle tension and help you go to sleep at bedtime. But what you may not know is that orgasms can help relieve headaches and menstrual cramp pain? Scientist have discovered orgasms release chemicals in women's brains, which actually numb the nerve endings that sense pain! (Ladies, you may want to keep that one to yourself or no more "Not tonight honey, I've got a headache").

Scientists have also determined that experiencing orgasm floods the body with more dopamine than any other natural activity. Many mental illnesses including, depression and schizophrenia are attributed to consistent low dopamine levels. I am not saying masturbation will cure these ailments, but I want to emphasize that they do indeed chemically make you feel better.

Whether you use your fingers, fists, running water or a toy, masturbation is how you learn what turns you on sexually. There is nothing wrong with it and it's good for you. Ladies, no one can teach you more about your own body than you can.

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