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How to Last Longer in Bed

Emma Drosy

Lovemaking is an experience in itself. Both you and your partner need to enjoy this experience, it is therefore necessary that you last longer in bed to enjoy every minute of it. However, 93% of men experiences having orgasm quicker than they wanted to; desperate men seek unnatural remedies but many still fail.

This article is therefore made to provide you with few advices on how you can last longer in bed to pleasure both you and your partner.

Things to Remember About Sex

· Be confident. Worrying about your performance will definitely affect your performance in while lovemaking.

· Do not think of orgasm as sex. Sex is in itself the experience and whether you orgasm or not, it is still sex. Thinking of orgasm will make you orgasm quicker than you wish it would.

· Think of sex as a pleasurable experience, which both you and your partner need to enjoy. This will stop you from thinking how well you perform.

· Avoid using erecting lotions, creams, sprays and gels. It will hold pre-ejaculation but you will be less sensitive and will lose the great feeling of sex.

Techniques to Last Longer In Bed

· Relax, do not rush things, enjoy the experience and you may possibly control your orgasm long enough as you want it to.

· Extend the foreplay. Foreplay will give a higher level of pleasure for your partner. Penetration will come easy when both of you have enjoyed the sex together.

· If possible, be underneath your partner. This will help you control orgasm that will lead to longer sex experience.

· Do not rush thrusting, being too excited about the penetration will speed up orgasm. You, of course, do not want this.

Relaxing and keeping pace during sex may be difficult, but if you want to stay longer in bed with your partner pleasured as you do, you surely want to learn how to do this.

Patience is always the secret of improving in any endeavor. Sex is an endeavor if you wanted to ensure pleasure for yourself and your partner. You need to learn how to control yourself and feel every moment of your lovemaking. My special secret on how to last an extra 32 mins!

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