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Men, Sex is Not Intimacy!

By: Teddy Shabba

Many men equate sex with intimacy. While it is true that sex can be a part of intimacy, intimacy can also exist without sex just as sex can exist without intimacy.

Every healthy relationship in order to excel must be based on a foundation of intimacy that goes well beyond the physical aspects of sex.

A good and happy relationship is with someone whom you can share your life with and have a genuine interest in.

Relationships can survive without the nice clothes, fancy cars and homes, and nice vacations. Yet, without intimacy no one can be in a happy relationship. Plenty of unhappy, unfulfilling relationships have survived without intimacy, however happy, fulfilling relationships cannot exist without intimacy.

We all need and desire intimacy. Sometimes we confuse our desire for happiness with pleasure and possessions. Even though once we gain those possessions and enjoy our chosen pleasures, we still find ourselves wanting more.

Our desires and wants ultimately lead to us wanting intimacy.

A man without intimacy can experience all the riches of the world, sleep with hundreds of beautiful women and still have a hungry heart.

Likewise a man who has an intimate relationship has already experienced the greatest riches in the world and has a heart full of Love and Life.

Until you have experienced intimacy, your heart will remain restless and irritable.

Teddy Shabba is a Dating Coach for Men and creator of Dating Advice and Tips for Men which provides an abundance of information for men on dating and more. If you would like more information on how to attract, seduce and meet women sign up for the Teddy Shabba Dating Advice Newsletter for Men today. Thank you Teddy.

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