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Hangover Help

I hope you're not expecting some miracle remedy for a hangover that will allow you to drink for hours all night and then feel great the next morning, because there's no such thing. And although I gave up drinking alcohol many years ago myself, I do empathize.

The truth is the only way to avoid hangovers is to avoid drinking more than your liver can handle over the course of one hour, or avoid drinking at all.

Many studies have shown that no matter how you feel in the morning, if you've been drinking more than one drink or two the night before your reaction times are slowed and your other facilities are not up to par.

If you're going to drink, there are ways to help prevent a hangover. First, there's some evidence that vitamin C can help clear alcohol out of your system faster than otherwise. That doesn't mean vitamin C will help or cure your hangover, it does mean some vitamin C before drinking will help you recover faster.

Black coffee won't help you get back to normal, but fruit juice can. The fructose in fruit juice (without sugar added) helps the body burn alcohol faster and replenishes fluids you lost from drinking since alcohol is a diuretic. Orange juice is probably the best juice choice since it's rich in so many electrolytes.

Drink lots of water too of course, drink it while you're drinking and the next day also.

Finally, there is the theory that the symptoms of a hangover are caused by substances called congeners. Vodka is low in congeners, it doesn't cause the hangover that other alcohol will cause, like whisky or scotch.

Bottom line:

Drink slowly after eating food or on a full stomach.

Take 1,000 mg. of buffered vitamin C before bedtime. If vitamin C is not buffered it usually causes diarrhea.

Take two aspirin (if you don't have stomach problems) or Alka-Seltzer before bed.

Drink two large glasses of fruit juice the next morning.

Get info on Hang-Over Morning Mend - Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves hang-over symptoms like headaches and nausea. This is from our friends at Native Remedies so it's most likely effective.

Hopefully this advice will work for you, and of course never drink and drive, but you already knew that.

It is advised that alcohol should be consumed responsibly and in moderation.


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