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Hair Care Tips For Processed, Damaged, and Coarse Hair

By: Stephen Hall

At first know what type of hair is a porous or a processed or a coarse hair is. A porous hair is a hair type, which will soak the moisture as well as all the humidity of the air. Not only of the air but it will soak whatever which is applied to it or applied on it. As the result of this the hair gets frizzy and muggy all day. It becomes flatten and dried all the time.

Porous hair is something that has pores on it. Because of these pores the hair shafts absorb the elements and humidity of the air. It absorbs everything and left with minimum moisturizer. Now, a processed and a coarse hair is also a porous hair. When you apply lots of different styles and processes to your hair, then your hair shaft gets damaged. Much processing is not at all good to your hair as too much priming, coloring and straightening and curling leave your hair more brittle and weak than before.

Any kind of damaged hair is porous hair. A coarse hair also falls in this category. It is very hard to manage and lend it desired style. Dull curly hair is this type of hair.

The main reason of this type of hair texture is lack of protein. Not only this, the water by which you are washing up your hair is very important to determine whether you have a coarse hair or not. Dry and rough water can easily from this type of hair. The solutions are following: -

Solutions for processed hair:
1. Always make sure that the putt of your water is low. Rich oil based shampoo and protein based moisturizing conditioner are needed to counter this type of problem of hair. Rich protein will firm up the hair shafts and make it stronger than before.

2. Any kind of hard rinses and rough conditioners can prove to be harmful for your extra sensitive tresses. Hair repairing conditioners and soft mild protein shampoo are best for use. Do not forget all these things as all these small details can solve your problem the most.

3. Home remedies are also applicable for this. Just do not forget to use natural ingredients, which are rich in protein and fruit oil.

Solutions for porous hair:
1. The solutions for porous hair are the same. Always use a rich conditioner and leave it on your hair shafts for some time. During this time the conditioner will make your hair and make them softer and stronger than before.

2. The hair ends are comparatively more dry and weak and damaged. So, apply the protein conditioner carefully at the hair ends as well as applying the conditioner at the hair ends.

3. Silicon cream can also help you out in the field of getting a smooth and silky hair quality. Silicon cream smoothes down the cuticles of hair and makes them shiny and silky.

4. A hat or cap is still the best choice for your locks when you want to step outside the home. Protect your hair and your face from the drying effects of summer season, the sun is brittle on the hair.

5. After applying a moisturizer always brush your hair in order to distribute the moisture into the hair shafts.

6. There are some diet solutions. The in take of natural essential fatty acids are much more necessary and fruitful to counter these processed hair. Our scalp produces natural sebum, and natural oil to make our hair less vulnerable. These elements help us to make the dry and porous hair into soft and pliable hair.

Use hair products that are NOT the cheapest. You DO get what you pay for when it comes to quality hair products. However, it's worth it if you have long hair that is processed. Something of beauty is worth taking take of.

For quality products I like Pureology which is hard to find unless you get it from a hair stylist. That's where I get mine. There are however other good products available from Alterna and Nexus.

BTW, I paid more for this today myself from a product "distributor". You might want to try the shampoo first to see if you truly do love this shampoo. If your hair is damaged, I suspect you will. I won't use anything else (and I have never seen prices this low, I feel a bit stupid right now). Oh well, glad I looked for our readers.

It smells great (only essential oils used) and is 100% vegan if that is important to you. Yep, your shampoo unless it states otherwise contains animal protein. Just an FYI for vegetarians and vegans who didn't know.

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