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Many people think that if their digestive system is normal they won't have any gas unless unless they eat a particular food like beans. The fact is that normal people on a normal diet expel nearly a quart of intestinal gas a day. Most of us aren't aware of this. It's when we become aware of the gas and it becomes uncomfortable and embarrassing. Men tease us because they think it's only a guy-thing.

Gas is formed when certain foods reach the large intestine without being completely and adequately digested. When they arrive, bacteria that reside there go to work to digest them and in the process produce gas. This is a normal process; in most cases intestinal gas is not a sign of a disease. Today we eat more high fiber foods (I hope you do). Fruits and vegetables can be the source of intestinal gas especially in people not used to eating a lot of them. Therefore the problem of flatulence is more common.

The major cause of occasional excess gas is gas-producing foods. Most people are aware that beans are a major suspect, but there are other foods that will put you are risk including: apricots, banana, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, onions, and radishes.

Obviously, the first step in reducing flatulence is to avoid the foods that cause this problem for you. Keep in mind that people react differently to different foods.

Some people have found that corn, oats and any wheat-containing product give them gas. (We will talk about food allergies in another article). Beano® is an effective product you use as a condiment, adding a few drops to your first spoonful of "offending food".

Many people are unaware that milk products cause their gas, but in fact lactose intolerance is probably the major cause of bloating and excessive gas. Lactaid® was developed to remedy this problem, but I don't find it of any use. It seem to me that avoidance of dairy products is the smartest solution.

There is a simple home test for lactose intolerance. Avoid ALL dairy and cheese products for ten days to see if your symptoms are alleviated. Then have some, if the gas and bloating returns you have your answer and you didn't have to pay for any expensive blood tests. Acidophilus is also helpful for many people. The best acidophilus is the kind that needs to be refrigerated, so don't fall for those cheap pills they sell in the chain drug stores. Gasolve Relief™ is an effective safe product, there's a link to it at the end of the page.

Don't fret there are cheddar cheeses that are lactose free. They are usually aged for about 2 years or more and it should say lactose free on the label. The best I think is the Vermont lactose free cheddar. I believe the lactase (the sugar in the milk that is the culprit is broken down over time to become lactic acid.

If you are an "air swallower" (like many of us) you most likely are a gum-chewer. or a smoker. Also drinking carbonated drinks and water from a water fountain will add excess air into your system and thus promoting flatulence.

If you have chronic flatulence it's possible that you're suffering from something other than simple a simple case of gas. Check out info on the following conditions for more information: Celiac Disease, Diverticular Disease, Irritable Bowel Disease and Protozoa Disease.

Avoid activated charcoal tablets for several reasons. While activated charcoal tablets are effective for absorbing gas, they do however interfere with the absorption of any medication taken within 2 - 3 hours. So, that includes any prescription medication like the pill, hormones, antibiotics, etc. AND those need to be effective. They also interfere with the absorption of any medication you put into your body, even Tylenol®, aspirin, vitamins.

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