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Fellatio - Tips To Give Your Partner a Mind Blowing Orgasm!
By Sacha Tarkovsky 

Fellatio is the act of applying your lips and mouth to a man's penis with the purpose of giving him pleasure.

Fellatio will not only give him immense pleasure but can also be extremely empowering for the giver. Giving good fellatio consists of three main ingredients: Technique, enthusiasm and variety, lets look at how these all can combine to give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm.

Performing The Act
The lips and the tongue are the tools of stimulation in fellatio. While practice makes perfect, here are some basic tips on how to improve your fellatio technique.

Be Careful First
Be careful with your teeth to prevent hurting your partner suck in your lips to remove the problem of your teeth grazing or nicking him. If you're unsure of your partner’s sexual history be safe and use a condom. Oral sex gives more pleasure without a condom, but think of your own health and do not take risks.

Condoms can however be quite fun especially if you try some flavored condoms and apply a water-based lubricant to the penis before you put on the condom which will increase the pleasure given from fellatio.

One of the main ingredients to giving your partner pleasure is enthusiasm, let him know you are enjoying it to and this will make him even more excited. Your partner will want to know you are not just doing it to please him. He will want to know you enjoy as well!

Don’t always use technique, as surprise is a great weapon when trying to arouse him during fellatio, this means using your imagination and plenty of variety, keep him guessing as to what pleasure is in store next!

Basic tips for great fellatio
1. Use eye contact while sucking him; watch his expression as he receives pleasure.

2. Try and lick the whole shaft of his penis, and the ridge where the head joins the shaft, called the corona. This is the most sensitive part of his penis. Follow this ridge around to the underside. There's a juncture where the two ends come together. This tiny area is the equivalent of the woman’s clitoris so make sure you target it.

3. Use your breath blow gently with your hot breath all over the penis this is an incredible way of getting him warmed up and hard before you start licking and sucking but can be used at any time as a tease.

4. Lick his scrotum or try drawing both of his testicles in your mouth.
Use one hand to circle the top of the scrotum, and gently pull it down bringing the testicles together and place them into your mouth. Also lick his testicles as well most men love this

5. Use your hands on the penis shaft as well in addition to licking and sucking, using firm strokes will heighten his pleasure

6. Take the penis as far as you want to. Then close your eyes and concentrate. If you are nervous about how far you can take it try the following: Very slowly ease the penis in taking it a bit at a time, until it’s all in. By doing it slowly you will overcome the problem many women have and you will not gag.

7. Fellatio is not just about putting a penis in your mouth; you need to use your tongue to stimulate the head as well. Try alternating between sucking and licking with your tongue.

Of course, how you perform the above the order enthusiasm etc you put in will be reflected in the pleasure your partner receives. Keep in mind the following to give him a mind blowing orgasm

1. Be uninhibited.
Women exert considerable control over their partner’s aroused, erect penis and it is important to be uninhibited and enjoy fellatio. While you can start slowly, the best way to satisfy your partner is to exert more pressure as you progress.

Really try and get into and concentrate on what you are doing, free your mind and you will provide a massive amount of pleasure

2. Tease him
Giving good fellatio is not just about using your mouth! Use your hands and also tease him with your responses as well. Run your hands over his chest, legs and touch his behind, gently cup his testicles and fondle them. You can also run your hand up and down the penis shaft as you use your mouth to heighten the experience.

Make sure you show him you are enjoying it as well, by stimulating yourself, moaning and talking to him about the pleasure it’s giving you.

Bringing it to a conclusion.
Once he's fully aroused and heading towards what will be a satisfying orgasm, its time to bring things to a conclusion.

Use gentle but firm suction and use an up and down motion with your head to move him towards hopefully a mind blowing orgasm.

Keep in mind enthusiasm, variety and expectation, combined with practice, but its practice you will enjoy.

Don't be shy, learn how to "Talk Dirty" to that special someone and see how it enhances your sex life. You might just enjoy it too; it's great foreplay to oral sex.

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