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Letting Go Of Fear - Overcoming Anxiety

By Tim Lee

There is an old Buddhist saying that goes, "While you cannot change your past, you can ruin your present by being anxious about the future". Obviously, this tenet stems from the fact that overcoming anxiety and fear is something that Buddhist masters continue to teach their students through out the ages.

It is said that enlightenment, or true and pure peace of mind, cannot be achieved by individuals while they are privy to fear of change that the future will inevitably bring. In this sense then, one can say that learning and embodying the Buddhist principles is like overcoming anxiety disorders.

An anxiety disorder is an abnormal condition of fear and nervousness that in turn inhibits the proper flow of everyday functions. Some anxiety disorders are acute and some severe, but at whatever level of severity these afflictions have, one's quality of life will be challenged. This makes overcoming anxiety disorders an important endeavor to embark on.

For starters, one will need to be properly diagnosed to be able to be on the path towards overcoming anxiety disorders. There are different types of anxiety disorders that have different symptoms and manifestations. Whatever the type of disorder however, at the root of it is an irrational fear that has been formed by previous harmful cognitive processes that need to be addressed. Getting to the root of the matter and healing from that point on is the only true way of overcoming anxiety disorders.

There are certain anti-depressants and other types of prescription drugs that may mislead individuals into thinking that these pills will help them in overcoming anxiety disorders. While sometimes therapists will prescribe these medications to help compliment cognitive therapy, it is important to understand that one must not become dependent on these external factors because the cause of the anxiety and inevitably the cure, will be coming from the mind. Understanding this will be vital in overcoming anxiety disorders.

The human mind is so complex that it can create its own reality. Of course, as humans, we also have common realities on which we base absolute reality on. However, there are relative realities that are born out of different beliefs and principles that taint our perception, which poses a challenge in the process of overcoming anxiety disorders.

This means that if ten people decided to eat an apple, they will all have different experiences of the apple and at the same time share common realities about the apple like color and such. This results in different realities of eating an apple, dependent who are experiencing it and their biases in perception.

Normally, everyone has a bias in perception that has been born out of societal teachings, personal experience and upbringing. In the case of an anxiety disorder, the individual's perception is biased towards succumbing to the experience of fear and anxiety so much so that he or she can suffer from a reduced quality of life.

Overcoming anxiety disorders will help individuals get their life back. They no longer need be controlled by excessive fear that will inhibit their ability to participate everyday life. Understanding that most fears are irrational will help in overcoming anxiety disorders. Looking deeper into one's self and psyche to see that certain emotions are born out of fear and understanding where these fears stem from will all help in overcoming anxiety disorders.

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