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Sex On The First Date Means He'll Never Call Back

By Jamie Roberts

Most guys fantasize about sex on the first date. As a woman, you might want to think twice - unless, of course, you want to ensure that he won't call you again.

While he would welcome the chance to sleep with you, that's not what will ultimately draw him closer. Whether he realizes it or not, there has to be an emotional bond to ensure the continuation of the relationship. He needs to know that you are the right person to eventually become a friend and future partner. Someone he can build a serious relationship with.

By sleeping with him on the first date, you are showing that you lack certain qualities that he will ultimately be looking for. Though he may still try his best to get you into bed, he'll respect your decision, and you'll be showing him that there is much more to you than a quick one-night stand.

Remember: He is being driven by his instincts. Don't confuse this with what he actually wants and needs.

You know he wants to sleep with you; and he knows that you know. What is the best way to keep up that attraction while not actually spending the night with him? It's not like you can approach it logically by convincing him that this is not what he really wants (while his hormones are going into overdrive).

Here's how you can avoid sex, but still keep the attraction:

Don't string him along - Keep the sexual overtones to a minimum. If he continues to steer the conversation towards sex, change the subject quickly, but tactfully. Let him know early in the date that you have more substance and self-respect than that. Don't build his hopes up just to please him.

Let him know that you are attracted to him - Even though you are rejecting his sexual advances, don't let him think that you are rejecting him personally. This can be a very fine line. However, if he respects you, he'll understand.

Appeal to his intellect - Let him know that there is a lot more to you than a one night stand. Keep the conversation interesting and stimulating. Be unique.

Don't give it all away - Don't divulge too much information about yourself. Don't agree with everything he says, or feel compelled to please him. Let him know you are your own person with your own thoughts and opinions.

Be mysterious. You need to build that emotional attachment by not appearing too eager.

Watch your alcohol intake - keep in mind he may secretly want you to have "one too many" so that his short-term goals can be realized. Show him you're better than that. Show him you have some self-control. The old adage "a good man Is hard to find" just isn't true, but many women still believe this.

The truth is that you simply need to know what to look for and change your approach a little. Discover how to become irresistible to men! Get the advantage, and quickly decide if he's right for you!

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