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Ovarian Cysts - A Ruptured Cyst
By Brain Lee

When an ovarian cysts rupturea, the pain can be agonizing. It often causes an impact on a healthy woman's lifestyle ranging from reducing her social time to her having to take frequent days off work. And it is not so much a question of when will the cysts rupture (if she has ovarian cysts) but more of what to do when it happens.

If you are just learning about ovarian cysts, you may be alarmed to find out that almost all women of childbearing age are likely to get ovarian cysts, and that sometimes these cysts rupture. And yes, it is often a painful experience. However, there are ways to avoid these occurrences as well as to reduce the pain and its frequency without resorting to even more medication than what your doctor may currently be prescribing.

Before we discuss how to reduce the likelihood of having your cysts rupture, it is important to know what a cyst actually is. When a woman is having her monthly cycle, many follicles are produced in her ovaries. Only one of these will have a matured egg that will be releases into the fallopian tubes. The rest will dissolve back into the ovary. Sometimes, the follicle does not release the egg and just keep growing and becomes a cyst. At other times, the follicle may release the egg but the remnant of the follicle does not dissolve and instead becomes a cyst. These are two of the more common types of ovarian cysts.

These two as well as other types of ovarian cysts are known to be a by-product of a body that is out of balance. When the body gets increasingly out of balance, further complications may occur such as cysts rupturing, cysts twisting the ovary and even the more serious Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). So essentially, the presence of ovarian cysts is actually a warning signal from your body to you that something is seriously out of whack.

Aside from the medical treatment your doctor may be prescribing, there are ways you can reduce the discomfort or pain you will naturally feel if your cysts rupture. If you are willing to explore natural healing principles, you will find very simple but also very effective natural remedies that can reduce the pain and also the severity of your ovarian cysts or PCOS. Depending on how far you are willing to make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, you may even see a drastic reduction (and sometimes even total elimination) of ovarian cyst incidences in your life. So, find out more for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including better health and overall quality of life!

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Brian W Lee is a firm believer and practitioner in holistic healing and natural healthy living. If you are concerned about ovarian cysts and want to know the specific steps you can take to make things better, check this site: You will find easy to understand information about ovarian cysts and a painless, natural step-by-step program to heal yourself. The program also comes with a free 24 Hour email counseling by a certified nutritionist.

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