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Constipation occurs when waste material moves too slowly through the large bowel. This results in infrequent and or painful elimination (bowel movements). The difficulty in defining this ailment comes from the many individual variations of a function that is normal. What might be normal for one person (two to three bowel movements a day) might be considered abnormal for another who may only have three bowel movements a week.

Some common causes of constipation are failure to respond to the urge to defecate, inadequate fiber in the diet, inadequate water intake, inactivity, medications, pregnancy, and gastrointestinal disease.

Many medications and supplements can be constipating. Before taking any new medications read the side effects. Narcotics tend to be very constipating, especially when taken with inadequate hydration, if you need to take one, try to eat plenty of fruit during that period.

It's important that the bowels move on a daily basis. The colon acts as a holding tank for waste matter that should be removed from the body within an eighteen to twenty-four period. Toxins that are harmful can form after this period of time. Toxins and antigens from bowel bacteria and undigested food may play a role in the development of fatigue, bloating, gas, thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus, migraines, and some autoimmune diseases.


 Eat high fiber foods like fresh fruit, raw green leafy veggies, brown rice and oatmeal. Other good foods high in fiber include: peas, cabbage, carrots, apples, soybeans, and whole grains.

Drink lots of water! Water all day long, especially if you live in a warm climate. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day even if you're not thirsty. By the time you feel thirsty you can be fairly dehydrated.

Enjoy foods with plenty of pectin, such as carrots, bananas, apples, peaches and citrus fruits from your local markets for best results.

Consume a diet low in fat. AVOID fried foods. DO NOT eat fast food or foods that are white. Think brown! Eat sweet potatoes, brown rice, barley, and whole wheat bread.

Avoid using laxatives as they can really interfere with the normal function of the bowel.

If constipation is more than an occasional problem, consult your health care provider, as there could be a serious reason for your constipation. See our Aloe Vera article for this wonderful product from nature.

Feel better soon. Now take a walk with some water and enjoy some brown rice tonight.

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