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Relationships - Facet Foreplay Before the Chemistry Takes Over

By R L Goodman

Like a diamond, we all have multiple facets that reflect different parts of who we are. Some of us are even brilliant-cut and have 58 facets. Some of us have less; some of us have more. If both you and your prospective lover are both brilliant, then between you, you're going to have 116 facets of history, wants, wishes and needs to mutually investigate before you even know if you both should take the next relationship step together.

If you were romantically interested in someone, wouldn't it be nice to have five dates worth of information and relationship foreplay about that person - and in a form that you can read in only 5 minutes - before you ever meet?

Facet Foreplay

If you are single and seriously seeking a mutually perfect match, it is going to be a very time consuming effort. Yeah, I know. You heard it here first. And, every possible relationship, no matter how fleeting or casual, takes precious time. If you have already learned the benefits of expanding your Known Universe with online dating sites and other cyber activities, you are probably already bogged down with too many choices.

Do you get tired of repeating both the inane first meeting, real and/or online, chit chat AND re-telling all those prospects the same important parts of your life? So do I. That's why I developed my own Top Two Dozen Facets List when my Quest was active. I had a private page that listed the top two dozen introductory facets about me that any prospective Heroine should know if we were going to share our path to Happily Ever After together. In five minutes she could have learned more about me than she knew about her last three lovers - combined!

Back then, if you and I were interested in meeting, I would show you my private page and would want to know the two dozen MOST important things I should FIRST know about YOU...and not just the stuff in a "sales brochure"...but even the important, possibly negative, stuff about you that I should know up front if we were to share a path to Happily Ever After together. This would help us both avoid the "Oh, by the way..." kinds of jarring disclosures after one or both hearts get involved - that should have been made up front.

Time IS So Precious

Okay, so it might take you an hour or so to type all this stuff up in Microsoft Word - especially since you should probably have at least a paragraph or two or three about each facet that is important to you. But once you develop your Facet Foreplay List and save it as a file, think how much time it will save you from repeating all this stuff umpteen times! Not to mention all the wasted time you will save from covering all this stuff up front before you invest effort and emotion in a relationship that is an obvious dead-end. Once you have invested the time in typing out your Facet Foreplay List you got it - to email to anyone who is interested in you... or if you are interested in them.

If you think about it, it seems kind of dumb NOT to have this already put together for yourself and to insist on it for all of your prospects, doesn't it?

Bonus: For more articles on this same topic and posts on love, relationships and finding your own perfect-for-you Hero or Heroine, I invite you to visit my blog... and ask your own questions.

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