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Cheating Husbands - You Know The Signs

By Cindy English

You are intuitive. You are a woman. You "sense" that something about your relationship with your husband or partner has changed and you may be right!

Many of the physical signs of a cheating partner apply to both sexes. The renewed interest fitness and appearance, the new clothing and the change in interests. Those things are pretty universal to both men and women.

But what about the more subtle changes? The little things that went unnoticed prior to the physical signs becoming obvious?

It used to be that having an affair was strictly a "contact sport". One had to physically be in an environment where adulterous temptations presented themselves. A night out with the boys, a business trip, a late night at the office, these were all potentially dangerous situations.

Today, the Internet has opened up a whole new world of danger for struggling relationships. One no longer has to even leave the house to find trouble! With a few clicks of the mouse, a dissatisfied partner can easily initiate an online affair with anyone of the millions of available people in cyberspace "looking for love".

In the comfort of your own home, and in complete anonymity, your husband may have initiated an online relationship with someone who poses just as much of a threat as that gorgeous blonde next door!

The dangerous difference between an online affair and a "chance meeting" on a night out is that online affairs are often cultivated for months before a physical meeting takes place. There is a substantial emotional investment made through hours of cyber chat.

A husband may convince himself that he is not really cheating as long as the relationship remains in cyberspace and no physical contact is made but that seldom happens.

In a recent survey by Melbourne's Swineburne University, it was discovered that 41 percent of all people looking for love online are living with a partner. It was relatively rare for online romances to remain in cyberspace without meeting face to face. These are scary statistics!

So, what should you be looking for?

A change in his overall mood...

* He may be happier and more outgoing.
* He may be quite, more secretive and distant.
* He may become more easily annoyed with the kids or disinterested in their activities.
* He may "pick a fight" to get away from the family.

A change in his work habits.

* He may watch far less television than usual due to an increased computer workload.
* He may avoid family outings because of computer work "deadlines" for the office.
* He may opt for his own personal laptop instead of the usual family computer.

Once an online affair becomes physical...

* He may have to work late at the office more.
* He may take more business trips.
* He may not be at work when you call his office.
* He may withhold more money than usual.
* He may leave the room to talk when his cell phone rings.
* His friends and co-workers may seem uncomfortable around you, as they know.
* He may "pick a fight" allowing him to storm out of the house.

And here is the "Big One" to throw you completely of his trail...

He may accuse you of having an affair! That one often tends to stop women in their tracks. I mean, who would suspect that their husband is having an affair if he is angrily questioning your fidelity right? Wrong! That is a very common "red herring". Beware!

None of these "signs of a cheating husband" are conclusive. If your husband exhibits any of these behaviors, take notice but do not jump to hasty conclusions! Many insecure women have let fear and paranoia cloud their judgment.

For you own sake, don't accuse without proof.

Always look before you leap.

Quick judgements can often lead to very bad decisions!

Cindy English is the author and publisher of an intriguing new site: Our Cheating Ways ...are they an unpardonable sin or just human nature?Join the debate at:

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