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Body Odor

Body odor can range from a minor embarrassment to an annoying chronic problem. One of the problems of dealing with body odor medically or with natural methods is that body odors are difficult to describe.

Perspiration and sweat is the body's way of eliminating toxins and a host of other chemicals.

There is scent that comes from eating certain types of foods. Many people are aware that garlic and curry will cause body odor that can persist for days. But there are other foods that can also cause odor such as: cumin, onions, and paprika, multi-vitamins, coffee and even cinnamon.

Cigarettes can cause odor that the smoker is usually unaware of as their nose becomes desensitized to the smell.

Alcohol can cause a nasty smell and drinking too much can leave one with a scent that lasts for the next day or couple days in some situations, depending upon the alcohol consumed.

The solution to body odor that's caused by food or drink is obvious; eliminate the food from your diet or eat the offending food at times when the odor won't be a problem. Constipation can often cause body odor, if you suspect this to be a culprit, increase your fiber intake daily and get some exercise or just take a walk.

Foods high in choline, including eggs, beans, chicken, some cheeses, fish and many other foods can give the body an odor that is often called "fish odor syndrome". This odor will also be noticed from the scent of your urine and breath. If you notice an odor after eating these foods you should be tested for to see if you suffer from this enzyme deficiency which is a metabolic problem also known as Trimethylaminuria (TMAU). TMAU is not that common, but testing for it by an endocrinologist or other physician should do done. People with this enzyme deficiency will appear otherwise healthy and usually without other symptoms.

More frequently, body odor is caused by a simple mineral deficiency. Many people who suffer from chronic body odor have found that magnesium and zinc supplements give them total relief. No one is certain how zinc and magnesium work, but a daily dose of an over the counter strength seems to do the trick. Sometimes adding B-6 also works at the same time.

In addition, taking chlorophyll capsules, which are available at most health food stores, has helped many people.

While a garlic smell on your hands from cooking isn't really body odor, it can be annoying, so I'll pass along to you a trick I learned from a chef years ago. If you have been chopping garlic hold your hands under running water while touching stainless steel. The sink will work if it is stain steel or a pot lid will suffice. The odor vanishes immediately apparently. I use a lot of garlic, but I've yet to try this.

A typical musty body odor is most commonly from patients who suffer from candidiasis. Systemic candidiasis is still a problem that many health care providers don't acknowledge. We've all heard of thrush, which is yeast in the throat, or yeast infections in the vagina, or in immunocompromised patients, but for an otherwise healthy person to get candidiasis often occurs from overuse of antibiotics or steroids. Point is it often is a culprit that produces body odor.

Candidiasis has been around for thousands of years; it's not just from the advent of antibiotics. Diabetics are aware of this situation and it's one they battle. Some people eat too much processed sugar and that also can be a culprit. Oddly enough garlic is often a good remedy for this problem. Taking as a supplement or in it's natural form daily can often work. Talk to a knowledgeable health care provider if you are concerned about candidiasis. It's not within the scope of this article.

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A final, yet worthy to note cause of body odor is sometimes poor hygiene. Inadequate or infrequent bathing will cause body odor to develop in anyone, especially in warm climates or on a hot summer day. A dusting with deodorant powder can help absorb perspiration in addition to under the arm deodorants and antiperspirants. You know your body and you can usually learn what works for you. A lot of people will say that using deodorants and antiperspirants actually cause body odor, because we are supposed to sweat as human beings, but the jury is still out on whether is this actually true.

Wearing natural fabrics such as cotton and linen that let the body breathe and allow for perspiration to dry is also helpful. I live in Florida; most of us wear 100% cotton fabrics. I am often surprised that they sell other clothing made from other fabrics here. Of course I am guilt of being a bit of a slave to fashion and I completely feel different even if what I am wearing is only partially cotton.

Natural answers to body odor include:

* Eliminate from your diet foods and substances that are known to cause body odor. (Curry, garlic, cumin, onions, cigarettes and alcohol).

* If you suffer from the enzyme deficiency that causes "fish odor syndrome" you must eliminate all foods containing choline from your diet including eggs, beans, chicken and fish.

* If you have a "musty" body odor you might suffer from candidiasis. Once the condition is cleared up, the odor will disappear. Read more about Candidiasis.

* Knock out constipation with a high fiber diet and some exercise or walking.

* Bathe or showers frequently if you live in a hot climate, exercise outdoors in the heat, or during hot weather. Wear natural fibers to allow that allow the body to "breathe" and allow for perspiration to dry.

* If you can't find a particular cause for your body odor try taking the following supplements in addition to a basic daily vitamin supplement.

  • Zinc: 50 mg daily
  • Magnesium: 500 mg daily (can cause diarrhea, adjust if needed).
  • PABA: 50 mg daily
  • Chlorophyll capsules: one three times daily.
  • B-6: 50 mg daily.

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There are probably hundreds of natural remedies via the Internet that actually might be effective in relieving excessive perspiration and body odor. We have tried the Native Remedies' product and found it useful.

You may want to try aromatherapy, it works for many people.

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