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Benign Ovarian Cyst: What You Need to Know
By Brian M Lee

A benign ovarian cyst is often a real worry for many women. A benign ovarian cyst is not cancerous and is relatively harmless as it does not invade nearby tissue nor spread to the rest of the body. According to some experts' estimates, only about 15 ovarian cyst cases in 100,000 are cancerous. That is just 0.015% of cases turning into cancer, so you can rest assured that it is not as common as you may believe.

The fear among many women however, that benign ovarian cysts may cause cancer is still a valid fear. Women also worry about the possibility of such a cyst to rupture, bleed or even twist the ovary. When this happens, it may cause pelvic pain, discomfort during sex and other symptoms such as vomiting and fever. As always, when in doubt, please speak to your doctor or gynecologist.

Having said that please be assured that most benign ovarian cysts are indeed actually natural and not life-threatening. There are a few different types of these non-cancerous ovarian cysts, depending on how they are formed. Some of the common types are as follows:

1. Follicular Cysts, also known as Graafian Follicle This can grow up to about two inches in diameter and is the result of a failed ovulation process.

2. Corpus Leutem Cysts This occurs when the corpus luteum does not dissolve during the corpus luteum stage.

3. Hemorrhagic Cysts This may grow to 6 inch in diameter and results when blood enters the cyst from a tear in a blood vessel.

4. Endmometriomas Cysts, also known as Chocolate Cysts This happens when the mucous membrane in the uterine wall bleeds and invades the ovary.

5. Cystadenomas This can develop from cells located at the ovary's surface.

Most benign ovarian cysts dissolve by themselves after weeks or months. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove them surgically. Sometimes, some doctors may suggest the removal of the whole ovary instead of just the cyst. These are naturally very heavy decisions a woman must make as they may potentially affect the rest of her life. Therefore, please take the time to learn as much as you can to help you make better and more informed decisions if you find yourself in such a difficult situation.

Brian W Lee is a firm believer and practitioner in holistic healing and natural healthy living. If you are concerned about ovarian cysts and want to know the specific steps you can take to make things better, visit his link: You will find easy to understand information about ovarian cysts and a painless, natural step-by-step programme to heal yourself. The programme also comes with a free 24 Hour email counseling by a certified nutritionist.

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