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HOT TOPICS in Beauty This Week

 Caution with Cosmetics : Beauty on the Safe Side
Major loopholes in federal law allow the $50 billion cosmetics industry to put unlimited amounts of chemicals into personal care products with no required testing, no monitoring of health effects, and inadequate labeling requirements. Learn more...

Attacking Adult Acne - There might be some things we miss from our younger years, but zits are not one of them. Stop struggling with trying to banish blemishes for good.

Breast Augmentation - Changing the size of your breasts?

A Sty Can Really Be Annoying (and unsightly). What to do and how to avoid getting ugly sties.

Cosmetics 101 - Safety and Minerals.

Simple Skin Care Easy and Naturally.

Help for Damaged and Overprocessed Hair.

Hickey Help - What To Do if You Wake up with a Hickey!

Aromatherapy - A peaceful way to a more beautiful you!

White Teeth will leave a lasting impression on all you meet. Your smile is the only makeup you'll ever need! Go There...

What is Nail Fungus? - Nail fungus is made up of tiny organisms that can infect fingernails and toenails. This can be treated and eliminated. Read More...

Flossing Your Teeth - Should be part of your beauty regimen as nothing beats a pretty smile. Keep your gums healthy by flossing correctly.

Learn How To Pamper Yourself With A Hand Massage!

Ancient Remedies For Modern Problems - Herbal remedies for skin care needs...

Visit Native Remedies for Proven, Effective and 100% Safe Herbal Remedies.

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