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Exposure To Asbestos? What's The Risk?
By: Mike Selvon

When asbestos fibers were first discovered, it was thought of as a great discovery because the fibers were resistant to electricity and fire. It was placed in building materials to keep homes from burning as quickly in a fire. Of course, now that it has been found that exposure to asbestos is toxic, it can no longer be used for that purpose.

There are many health dangers with the continued exposure and use of asbestos products. A person becomes exposed when the fibers are disturbed and get into the air. Once a person breathes them in, they have been exposed.

Asbestos fibers have a tendency to getting trapped in the lungs, and because of their abrasive nature, cause scaring and malfunctioning of the respiratory system. Asbestos is known to cause several kinds of cancer, including mesothelioma, which is a form of chest cancer.

It also causes the condition asbestosis, which encompasses chronic breathing and lung problems. There are also many other breathing and lung disorders that can be attributed to asbestos exposure.

The main groups of people who are at risk for developing a health problem from asbestos are people who work directly with the substance. Everyone has been exposed to a little bit in his or her lives, but it is the people who disturb the asbestos fibers that are at the highest risk for developing health problems.

If your house was built before 1978, then it is very likely that there is asbestos present in your home. The main reason for putting it into homes was to make them more resistant to fire. If there are asbestos fibers present in your home, then the only way that you will be at risk for health issues is if the fibers are disturbed, which can happen when remodeling or sanding.

If asbestos fibers get into the air over time, then this also can be a health risk. To judge your risk for exposure to asbestos, an assessor may be called to determine if there is any asbestos in your house, or if there is any danger. He or she can check the indoor air quality to see if there is any floating around in your home.

In actuality, there is not much risk for health problems unless you are someone who works with it on a regular basis. If you are someone who has cancer from asbestos, then perhaps you should hire an asbestos lawyer and consider taking out a lawsuit against the company that you feel is responsible.

Now that you know what kind of problems can occur from too much exposure to asbestos, it's not very useful to dwell on it too much, because unless you are breathing it in on a regular basis, such as with people who work with products that contain asbestos, then it is unlikely that you will have any health related issues from the substance.

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