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Adult Acne

Treating adult acne can be difficult, and yet looking at all of the products on the market that claim to cure adult acne, you would think that someone finally has. Unfortunately that isn't the case, and while there are many products that don't work, there are also many natural solutions that do. This guide covers some of the basic steps you can take to curing adult acne, and some things that you should avoid.

Three Steps to Help Cure Adult Acne

Here is a list of steps that you can take for effectively curing adult acne. Most of these steps won't show instant results, however they will improve your skin over time:

Drink 8 glasses of water a day - Water helps to keep the skin hydrated, and it also removes toxins from the body. If these toxins cannot be flushed out through water, then they are usually pushed out through the pores of the skin, resulting in acne.

Sunshine and Fresh Air - Getting more sun can stimulate the creation of vitamin D, which is responsible for keeping the skin healthy. You shouldn't get burnt by the sun however, as tanned skin doesn't exfoliate quickly enough, resulting in blocked pores. Always protect your eyes from the sun.

Exercise regularly - Although sweat can make acne worse, it shouldn't be used as a reason to not exercise. Firstly, exercise reduces stress levels, which is important as stress can aggravate acne. A gentle jog each day can help significantly.

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Three Problems Preventing You From Curing Adult Acne

Here are a few problems that can make it difficult for you to cure adult acne:

Reduce stress - Stress is a huge problem if you have acne, as when you become stressed you release a hormone called cortisol, which can lead to an outbreak in acne. There are some products, such as caffeine, which although they won't make you stressed, can result in this hormone being released.

Use natural skin care products - Many products on the market can aggravate skin due to the chemicals in them removing the skin's natural oils. By removing the skins natural oils, your body will release more oils to compensate, which can then block pores and lead to acne. Tea tree oil products are a brilliant alternative, as it is also known for its antibacterial properties.

Try to cut down on dairy products and meat - Both dairy products and meat are difficult to digest, which causes acid to form in the body. This acid can lead to toxins forming in your body, which can be released in the pores of your skin.

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For more on Adult Acne Care, see our next page. Thank you to Sean Booth.

For more information on how you can cure adult acne, take a look at this guide on Adult Acne Care .  

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